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Roof Edgings

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  Positive "Rite Flow"  

30 gauge: galvanized steel, white galvanized, brown galvanized
26 gauge; .018: MF aluminum, white aluminum, brown aluminum
16 oz.: copper


• Stops water from dripping behind gutters, preventing stains on fascia, moldings, and siding.

• Stops water damage and erosion to fascia board and side walls.

• Can be applied directly over existing drip edge. There's no need to strip old drip edge to install new L & R "Rite Flow" Drip Edge.

Each piece of PRF is 10' long.


• Save valuable time and labor on repairs from the improper function of other drip edges.

• New L & R "Rite Flow" Drip Edge will prevent water from getting to fascia or behind the gutter.

• For existing water flow problems, apply directly over existing Drip Edge. Slip new Drip Edge under first row of shingles—use nails or caulking to secure to old Drip Edge.



8" PRF Alum.
8" PRF Galvanized



50 pcs/500'/ctn
20 pcs/200'/ctn

  Style C6 Heavy Gauge Edging  



Aluminum, Bronze, Galvanized